Jake started riding BMX when he was about 5, when he would ride at the
local skatepark with his dad early in the mornings before
the teenagers got up. 
Fast forward 7 years and now he rides with those teenagers! 
He started making t shirts for his friends, I SUCK @ BMX

                           being the first line. Soon after, DEFCON CLOTHING was born!

Over the years Jake has been lucky enough to have the support of local bike shops
and experienced BMX riders, so we wanted to ensure he gave something back.      
Thus the connection with My First Wheels. 
A portion of Defcon Clothing profits go to buying helmets and bike locks for
kids who receive gently used bikes from my first wheels. 
These are kids who would otherwise not have a bike.
Buy A Shirt, Give A Bike!


Jake has "Flow Sponsorships" from:
JIBS Action Sports
Twisted Sticker

(flō) - "The best way to think of a Flow sponsorship is a hook-up with the potential for more. Flow riders generally receive free or discounted parts, not because they are necessarily the best riders at the moment, but because the brands in question see potential in them. Rather than wait for them to get snatched up by another brand, they will help the rider out in hopes that the rider will remember their support when the time comes to run with the big dogs. Flow positions are great for developing riders because the pressure is low, allowing them to grow and their personal style to continue evolving. Since riders can find flow support from bike shops on up to the largest factory brands, the sponsor pool is very large, meaning there is something for every rider willing to work for it.

IDEAL RIDER: Motivated riders, plain and simple. You don't need to be entering or winning competitions or races, or actively risking life and limb to crank out a web edit every other day; you simply need to have a good attitude, local influence and long-term goals in BMX." (BMX Plus August 2010)